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Oct 16, 2011 3:00pm PDT
city. it is this mustard color. on the avenues, it is very thick. it can be up to 400 feet thick. as you moved south across slope boulevard, that is the tolar foundation. it was named after the first to score every in -- after the first discovery in the cemetery. the man was out there and noticed this material was unique. he started mapping it. he traced it all the way up to slope. the dune sand generally has the consistency of sugar. it is fine grained sand. it is usually loose. it is poorly graded. the colma foundation can be the same stand but it is denser. it may have to play in it. it is much stronger. it is an excellent supporting material. it is up to 10,000 years old on the dunes and. the colma is 40,000 to 60,000 years old. in some areas, it may be as old as 130,000 years. as you move across the city and get to the border, you get to ground that was originally under water. that sits on top of bay mud. wea is ak ve-- that is a very y with the consistency of jello that has been left in the refrigerator for several days. the others are residuals soil. they are either a product
Oct 20, 2011 10:00pm PDT
mythical quality to the garlic mustard, the afternoon, the angle of light that fills me with a peculiar heart-breaking beauty. and i wonder, as i often do, if things will ever be simple. the train sounds down by the river, the cloud passes over the sun, and what could be memories feel like deja vu... like they happened under water a long time ago. i had this poetry teacher once... he said that any good poem has to have a balance of elements that are beautiful and elements that are dark and acrid, and difficult. and he called it the lilies and urine principle. in the darkest and most abject of places, there is still beauty, and the idea that beauty is not something that arises from everything being perfect and symmetrical and orderly and straight. beauty is the thing that manages to grow in the cracks in the sidewalk, and manages to struggle out between the buildings and between the barbed wire. my earliest sense of being aware of a world much bigger than my six-year-old reality came from books. and i lived and breathed and ate those books. and i was acutely sensitive to the themes of lo
Oct 20, 2011 3:00pm PDT
surface-to-air missiles unaccounted for, other weapons, including mustard gas that gadhafi promised to troy but hadn't yet, what is your level of confidence in the transitional government to fine that stuff and keep it out of the hand of the bad guys and willingness to anow we have more sophisticated intelligence operations? now that they don't need us anymore, to take gadhafi out, are you worried that they will not allow us to find that stuff? >> i'm not worried at all. they're very grateful to us, john. this is our chance, not only to send in people to secure these weapons so they don't fall into the wrong hands, though apparently there's already a substantial amount missing, but the best thing we can do right now is to announce that we are helping the libyans care for their wounded. they have some 30,000 wounded, we could say we're flying them to landstuhl, our military hospital in germany, we could send a hospital ship to sit there in the harbor in tripoli and help care for these wounded. they're overwhelmed, health care facilities by the wounded. remember, it's a small country. we
Oct 24, 2011 3:00am PDT
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Oct 13, 2011 11:00pm PDT
and instead of mustard and relish, how about a side of meth and a machine gun? that's what agents say were sold to them over a 4 1/2 month period. jose ortiz says that's not true. >> no, no. it's a lie. no drugs. >> reporter: ortiz and castillo were arraigned on thursday for selling firearms and drugs to undercover agents. he admits selling nine guns to the agent at another location, but not from the hot dog stand. >> translator: not here. not in front of everyone. it was somewhere else and that's it. he never sold no guns or drugs here. >> reporter: prosecutors say ortiz is in more trouble because ortiz has previous convictions. that make it illegal for him to have guns in the first place. ortiz says he's not a convicted felon. >> translator: i don't know. i don't know what they're accusing him of. he's a nice guy, just to let you know. >> reporter: prosecutors say they sold a shotgun, rifle, pistols, even an ak-47 to the undercover agents. both were arrested in early september at the hot dog stand. >> they're accusing him of like something that he really like, you know, it's not
Oct 28, 2011 12:00pm PDT
and letting everything cook, drainses liquid and plates. >> this is a nature of grain dijon mustard. >> i want the recipe. >> if you want a copy of the recipe go on our website and this recipe for this dish will be there four. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. this is tony's table. >> now the hard part. this is good chicken. >> i don't think he had a bad meal. >>> coming up tonight san jose bracing for another large gathering of hells angels over the weekend. >> another funeral will bring hundreds, possibly thousands of bikers back to the city. how police are preparing in the wake of a similar event that ended with one dead and one on the run. that and much more at 5:00. >>> a birthday celebration and high-tech upgrade for lady liberty. >> they are having a ceremony today to mark the 125th anniversary of the statue of liberty being dedicated in new york harbor. cameras have been installed on the torch so you will be able to go online and see the view of the harbor in new york and the visitors on the ground at the statue. >> looking nice and green. that's what i'll be looking lik
Oct 20, 2011 12:00pm EDT
, cheese and mustard. >> delicious. now while you're putting that together, you put the ham on, i want to talk about your annual oyster roast held on sunday october 30th and it's raising money for a very important cause. >> it is. >> and that's for a certain wing for children with diabetes? >> children's hospital is building a new diabetes wing and the black restaurant group is donating the money to build a kitchen. it's a teaching kitchen and what it is, is to help teach parents how to cook for their children that are diabetic. it is a very important cause for the black family and so this is our second annual oyster roast. >> if people want to support it they can come to the restaurant, addies, on rockville pike. >> i had that when they were here. very good sandwich. >> you were saying. >>> hold on to your hat said howard. i'm mike. that's it for 9 news now at noon. we'll be back here at 5:00. [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you cov
Oct 15, 2011 12:35am EDT
? >> steve: add a little mustard on it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: mustard. bacon, here we go. >> steve: ketchup? >> jimmy: what is it called? >> captcha. >> jimmy: captcha. >> steve: captcha. >> jimmy: captcha. >> steve: why? >> it's from nova scotia. >> jimmy it's from -- >> steve: it's from nova scotia. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well there you go -- that explains that. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ nova scotia, nova scotia nova scotia, nova scotia nova scotia, nova scotia ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: well you know, we invented ketchup there, so that people could figure out how to get on the internet there, eh. [ laughter ] all i need to do is scotland, eh. >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: there you go. ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: completely automated -- completely automated public touring tests to tell computers and humans apart. captcha. there you go. >> steve: sounds great. >> jimmy: a little trivia, a little triv. ♪ thank you original flavor oatmeal packets and boxes of quaker instant variety packs for being like the last girl at the bar at 4:00 a.m. [ laughter ] all the good on
Oct 8, 2011 12:00pm EDT
the book which is still there, and it rises autoof this mustard -- out of this mustard field in the middle of central north india, just this amazing testament, i think, to the mingling of cultures. um, the other question concerns the loyalist claims commission which is a remarkable commission whereby the british government decides to give compensation using treasury funds to loyalist claimants. and it sounds great, it is great. of course, there are bureaucratic and legal hurdles, and so there are various ways in which it's practically very difficult for loyalists to make claims. they have to prove their loyalty, they have to prove the value of the property that they've lost, and in this process if there are kind of glitches in the case like oh, you did this at one time and you said that in another, it can make it more difficult for them to win compensation. i think one very last question. >> okay. well actually, it's two. one is what became of elizabeth johnston's father, and we last saw reluctantly giving her in marriage. and the other one is about the way the narrative of the loya
Oct 14, 2011 9:00pm PDT
with over 100 people arrested. >>> a san jose hot dog vendor was reportedly offering more than mustard, catsup and other items side. the officers bought a sawed-off shotgun, a machine gun and meth from the two men at the hot dog stand. >>> and in concord two, women are going to be okay after being pulled to safety from a burning house. firefighters captured the rescue with their -- their helmet cameras and it proved for incredible video. [ mumbling ] >> reporter: at one point, firefighters arrived to a home, two elderly women inside and overcome with smoke. >> once we located her, it was easy to find the second who was under her bed and under the covers trying to prevent smoke inhalation as much as possible. >> one was a woman who had had surgery and the other was her caretaker. [ indiscernible ] >> awake but terrified. that environment was actually very teneble for us because we have our masks, air, coats and helmets. for her, not so much. for me to communicate to her through my mask, i have you, we're safe, you are going this way. >> the women were safely outside in 90 seconds. then
Oct 13, 2011 12:00pm CDT
now and we will deglaze the pan with some brandy ... and to that we had dijon mustard. and some green peppercorns. i added a little bit of the stock as well that's beef stock. and we make a sauce reduction with a little bit of cream. when we put the plate together we have a cheddar basket made with wisconsin cheddar key cheese ... and we have some beets and carrots in that basket. we have a hands- on class at the lake geneva school of cooking we can learn these techniques we will feature the set the schoolthis at the school. it comes together quickly just a few minutes. nice rich color to the stock for the sauce that's the cartelization of the vegetables and the aromatics. we got a good lesson today if you like to go take a class chef john brogan will participate in the great chefs at the lake that takes place over three weekends november 11th-december 13 2009-11 and january 20th-22 at the abby resort on the shores of lake geneva. for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment again just log on to wgn also known as " french parsley " >>it's cloudy
Oct 5, 2011 7:00am EDT
cook it and then the loin of pork, which i'm going to put a mustard glaze on, mustard, thyme, glaze, the whole thing on top of these vegetables. into the oven for another 30 to 50 minutes. >> all right. now let's get you in trouble here, okay? the usda says when you're cooking pork, i think they say you want to have it to 142, 143 degrees. you disagree slightly. >> because when you take it out and you put it under foil, it's going to keep cooking. >> so you can take it out at 138 degrees? >> about 138 degrees. and it keeps going. so what i do is, i'll show you how -- this is how it comes out when it's done. and what i do -- >> crust. >> from the mustard. instead of doing it this way, which is hard to measure, you do it this way, right in the middle. and you always get the middle every time. >> let it rest after it comes out of the oven anyway, always a good idea. i'll meet you over here. one of my favorite comfort foods for fall and winter, polenta. >> it cooks for five or ten minutes, and you add a cup of parmesan cheese, which gives it real spiciness. dump it right in. creme fresh
Oct 17, 2011 9:00am EDT
little bit of mustard for a nice tanginess. stir it up and pour it on. >> how long do you bake it in the oven? >> until it's done. >> can't argue with that. >> i would say -- >> bake it until it's done which might be 40 minutes, all right. a trade secret evidently. and you have mashed potatoes. >> what goes better with meat loaf than mashed potatoes? i'm steaming the potatoes. why boil them in water? you lose all the nutrients. in the same pot i dumped out the water already. it's really basically a one-pot thing here. mash them up and i will use a little butter. >> just a little. >> but literally a tablespoon. >> i like this. >> a little bit of bleue cheese. i use real ingredients, easy to find in a regular store. and low fat milk. 1% low fat milk. on the meat loaf you save 100 calories fer slice. o also on this, 100 calories but you get all the lusciousness. >> and dessert? >> apple crisp. everyone comes for dessert. >> meatloaf, mashed potatoes and apple crisp? >> sounds like the antelope is coming. >> and totally guilt-free. on the meal all together you saved 400 calories and you get
Oct 28, 2011 2:05am EDT
saturday night with a three-course meal. mustard-rubbed lamb chop with napa valley sauvignon. so much fun. >> if i weren't going to seattle, that's where i would be going. >> we'll have kelly clarkson hosting with me tomorrow. come on down. we'll have ambush makeovers and costumes. >> i'll see you all on halloween. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: it's "the tonight the music of panic at the [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by captions by vitac
Oct 30, 2011 8:00am EDT
. >> we try to cook for the season. >> it is right before frost. mustard greens and there is a lot more kale, cabbage. brussels sprouts. and right now. beans. mushrooms. >> looking at this. >> wondering, there are different beverages in season. >> i brought this to have with the risotto, cause i know you need something to digest your breakfast. >> charleston and this. >> get one time. >> thank you ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Oct 10, 2011 5:15am EDT
the mustard field in the middle of central north india justice amazing to estimate. the other question concerns the loyalists claims commission which is a remarkable condition whereby the british government decides to give compensation using treasury funds to loyalists claman's. it sounds great it is great. of course there are bureaucratic and legal hurdles. and so there are various ways in which it is practically very difficult for loyalists to make claims. they have to prove their loyalty. they have to prove the value of the property that they lost and in this process if there are glitches in the case, oh, you did this at one time and said that at another it can make it more difficult for them to win compensation. one very last question. >> okay. actually, one is what became of elizabeth johnson's father whom we last saw reluctantly giving her an marriage. and the other one is about the ways the narrative of the loyalists has been used for fiction as far as i know only by kenneth roberts and oliver was well read the narrative of the south side in the 1860's civil war has bee
FOX News
Oct 8, 2011 12:00am PDT
mustard. >> thees right. offis writese dna -- dana wonder why they never address from the oval offito mn? >> you have ms abe a grave marstake. never send an e-mail that addresses the lmailely dancom let alone send it to us. you will pay for this era. i will be at your house tomorrow ndyuht. --t it will be too late by the time you see my face. so i willdyust say goodbye. >> finally oliver ethemails us. i got an e-mail from bob beckls. the day is at its end. >> thankse obviously you were referring to greg gutfeld. the fact that you even m gened up the two makes me wonder if you know him. anyone who has seen them together know they look nothing alike. he is a 6 foot 5 blonde cdown don'om the swedish gods who can bench press the ikea cat tau log and looks great indyeans. grerd is a ss ab excuse for a man. >> can't argue with that. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from jesse joyce. see clips from recent shows fom nne u, jcom/red ed d.wha >>> back to jesse for the post game wrap up. >> jason, where can py.ple lohe >> go to the website www. drunk and funny .com and marsitter de
Oct 14, 2011 5:00am PDT
that's where to go, guys. >>> coming up, serving up hot dogs with mustard and meth. >> the hot dog cart accused of selling drugs and guns out of his cart. the suspect admits to some of it but not all of it while our cameras are rolling. >>> and we give you a spectacular shot of san francisco. that's the bay bridge. the lights are on. you stillarem -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur?] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ jtsds. >>> welcome back, everybody. hot dogs served with a side of meth and machine guns? that's what a federal agents say local vendors sold to them over a four and a half periods. the man in the cowboy hat is jose ortiz. he and another man are facing charges of selling shotguns and rifles along with dru
FOX News
Oct 31, 2011 8:00am PDT
the weapons and indicated the amount is reported to be nine metric tons of a mustard blister agent, libya is expected to have hundreds of tons of what's called a chemical weapons precursor material and assistant u.s. secretary of state has indicated over the weekend that they believe all of these weapons and these depots have been secured and have not been introan at this point, jenna. jenna: does that mean these helps can't be used at this time? >> >> reporter: well, there's really arary of debate as to the quality of these weapons and whether they're in a state that could be ready used for a chemical attack. as early as august the chair of the house intelligence committee said that libya had come clean on all wmd -- on some wmd programs but not and it was the chemical component that was the concern the most. >> with their agreement they gave us their weapons program, they gave us a lot of the chemical weapons, and the outlines of their biological program. but we know that they experiment with serin gas we don't have that fully accounted for, and we know they have this very high g
Oct 12, 2011 7:00am PDT
before so all of the flavors pop out. >> that's fennel and coriander? >> and mustard seed, i love mustard. all of my cooks make fun of me because we have mustard. other favorite ingredients, worcestershire sauce and thai. a little bit of spice goes a long way. i'm a spice whiz. >> you say that proudly. >> soy sauce. i used to own a mediterranean restaurant, pretended we didn't use soy but it gives it the salty flavor you can't get anywhere else. wine, always cook with wine you're okay with drinking as well. >> if you wouldn't drink it you should not cook with it. >> it's a little early to try it but i'll assume it's good enough. >> you've never seen our show, have you? >> it's 5:00 somewhere, right? we're putting all of these flavors in here so build up a ton of flavor in the meat while it's brazing, tomatoes and stock and pretend this is coming to a big boil. this is chicken stock. i tested all of the recipes in my home kitchen, you can use chicken stock at the store rather than making it yourself. >> do you braise the meat before and then put it in the sauce. >> you end up with
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Oct 17, 2011 3:00am PDT
saving for mustard. first, the trivia question of the day -- at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. in fact, it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief, twice as fast. [ male announcer ] test our fast relief. love it, or get your money back. >> after hurricane ike flooded his home in 2008, he was one of hundreds of homeowners who received aid from fema. now, three years later, he's being told to return nearly 23,000 dollars in government aid. that home owner, clay gates joins us live right now from houston. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> ok. so after you wound up with four feet of salt water from hurricane ike in your living room, you contacted fema. you filled out all the paperwork. and they told you what? >> that we qualified for assistan assistance under the guidelines that th
FOX News
Oct 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
go basically give to the united states 30-ton of mustard gas. he was turning around after what we saw in iraq. because of the lack of administration of showing strength and dealing with iran, gadhafi began becoming empowered again. and what happened was the rebels right now that we stood behind, without understanding who they are, what they are, what they are up to, what their goal is, america did the exact same miss stack we did in afghanistan when we stood there without knowing much about them. we wanted to get rid of the soviets. so we gave them arms and money and here in libya we did the same thing. invested $1 billion only to end up with the worst enemy in the long run than we did with gadhafi. >> the question is where do we go from here when you have north africa, you have the middle east, and, of course, the hand of iran over a lot of this. and the possibility of syria, maybe jordan. we are talking about a significant portion of the world that could end up being radicalized through their governments. libya had 30,000 surface-to-aramis else. is that now in the hands of islam
Oct 22, 2011 11:00pm EDT
] [laughter] >> the first guitar i ever bought was a gibson guitar, mustard and 65 over 64. and i'm not worried about that now. i think this story has broken now and giving people a lot to think about and hopefully this kind of silliness will stop. >> i really respect what you do in the fact that you're using journalism to share the work here in a way that people can understand, but on the flipside, i'm interested in the world of pr played in the success of the site because they know your pr person i know is amazing. i am interested in knowing how important that was to you. >> well, it was very important because we spent no money in advertising. we relied entirely on pr. i will say that it helps when your partner is with the rolling stones. i was joked that that was just me and he and my kids like school newsletter. father starts their business as opposed to "time" magazine and fortune. but with chuck, he's more than a pretty face. he really knows his subject. i mean can you see some of these people in advertising talking about some subject and they get paid a million dollars have no id
Oct 5, 2011 7:00am PDT
i'll put a mustard glaze on it. mustard, thyme, the whole thing on top of these vegetables into the oven for 30 to 50 minutes. >> let's get you in trouble here. the usda says had you're cooking pork, it's about 142, 143 degrees. you disagree? >> when you put it under foil, it keeps cooking. >> you take it out at about 138 degrees? >> and it deeps going. what i do is -- this is how it comes out when it's done. what i do -- >> the crust from the -- >> from the mustard. instead of this way, which is hard to measure, you do it this way in the middle. you always get the middle every time. >> let it rest. anyway, it's a good idea. i'll meet you around here. one of my favorite comfort foods for fall and winter is paw len at that. i love it. >> it cooks for about ten minutes and then you add all kinds of things little bit of creme fresh for richness and paw len at that. >> what'ses that song? somebody call 911? shorty barber on the dance floor. >> i'm not saying to eat the whole thing. but a little bit is delicious. this is how it comes in. >> you can't mess that up? >> you can't mess it up
Oct 20, 2011 1:00pm PDT
got about ten tons of the mustard gas. this is a particularly verulent chemical agent that can cause severe blistering on the skin. it can cause blistering in the respiratory system. now, those sites are believed to be secured. the state department has a team of about 14 people that are embedded with a team of ntc officials guarding these sites. i was talking to a senior official who said we're keeping constant ariel survey lens of these areas as well. the chief of staff getting daily updates that yes, these chemical weapon rs still secure. now, you've got the problems also of these thousands of shoulder fired missiles. although the state department has been to a lot of sites, hundreds have been disabled, right now, there are still thousands of these that have gone missing and the obama administration has been up front in saying terrorists have already expressed interests in obtaining these. they're old. by most military standards, these are not something that could go against a modern military arsenal, but they're very small. only weigh about 30 pounds. four feet long. extremely eas
Oct 10, 2011 7:00am PDT
, tavi was online chronicling the fashion world on her blog. >> this is my favorite mustard color. >> she is this 11-year-old girl from some tiny town outside of chicago who just blogs about fashion. she would post fun pictures of herself in all of her own creations. she had great perspective on designers. and putting looks together. >> reporter: that perspective caught the eye of some of the world's most famous fashion designers. >> nice to meet you! >> nice to meet you too. >> reporter: the pint-sized fashionista found herself sitting in the front row of fashion week's biggest shows. >> traditionally, the fashion show is extremely exclusive. like people press their nose up to the glass wanting to get very close, but they can barely touch what is inside. but tavi did the unheard of. >> i loved it. i think it was my favorite or fashion week so far. >> reporter: and tavi took her readers along for the ride. >> i'm tavi from style rookie and i'll introduce you to radarte. >> reporter: beyond the bright lights of the runway, tavi, now 15 uses her online publication rookie to address issues i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 75 (some duplicates have been removed)